School Profile

Hongwen School Qingdao (HWSQD), formerly Confucius International School Qingdao (CISQD –, is a flourishing independent co-educational boarding school, situated on the beautiful eastern seaboard of China. A rigorous and challenging academic programme and an extensive range of extra-curricular and athletic opportunities are provided for all students. The school follows the English National Curriculum from IGCSE through to A2 Level, delivering both Edexcel and Cambridge curricula with all courses being taught in English. HWSQD graduates to date have enjoyed consistent success with entry into the most prestigious universities in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. 

The education offered is based on expertise in the classroom, unity between parents and teachers, unrelenting support for students, and an understanding of character education. Students from across the province and beyond join a teaching faculty drawn from around the world to bring an international environment and allow students to develop broader perspectives on the globalized world they inhabit. The school prides itself on the opportunities students have to develop character and leadership through clubs and societies that serve the school and the wider community.

HWSQD is a forward-looking, innovative school with exceptional academic, sporting and cultural facilities. Students benefit from a state-of-the-art ICT centre, campus-wide Wi-Fi access and subject specific science laboratories to support the delivery of all aspects of the IGCSE and A-Level curricula offered. Purpose built rooms for all the performing arts, and a 450-seater tiered auditorium provide the stage to showcase the talents of the students. The superb sports facilities include a heated swimming pool and fitness centre, gymnasium, four all weather basketball courts, volleyball courts, an all-weather athletic track, football field, ping pong facilities, tennis courts and a billiards room.Qingdao itself enjoys a pleasant and moderate climate and has the largest bathing beach in Asia. While it is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in China, it also often tops the rankings of China’s most livable cities. It is known for Tsingtao Beer, and due to its proximity to Korea and Japan, is a significant port for international trade.

Educational Philosophy

" Novel Six Arts " is  a creative educational philosophy  based on the study of Confucian education and philosophy, utilising the best aspects of  Chinese and western educational strengths. 

  • The education and cultivation of students in moral sentiment, speech and deportment, civilized etiquette, the rule of law and respect

  • Education and cultivation of students' artistic accomplishment and aesthetic ability

  • The education and cultivation of students' physical qualities and competitive sportsmanship

  • To educate and develop students in leadership, cooperation and competition

  • To cultivate students' ability to explore multiculturalism and take an active part in social practice

  • Education and cultivation of students' academic ability (Teaching)

Mission and Vision

To create a school that perfectly combines modern education principles with Confucian philosophy.

Confucius' educational principles

Confucius cares about his students' improvement in studies, which also involves embracing and understanding the importance of culture,refining ability and the development of technique through guidance.

Educational Vision

Hongwen School Qingdao embodies a multi-cultural and international context that is vibrant and up to date with the latest trends in global education.

Educational responsbilities and goals

We fully adhere to political and moral principles. Hongwen education focuses on developing students' overall qualities as well as equipping students with revelant skills that contribute in a positive manner towards the benefit of society.

Two main focuses of Confucianism

Moral education is the most important aspect and the attainment of knowledge, according to Confucian principles, is valued.

Qualification Certification

Hongwen School Qingdao is the first international school that was issed qualification certification by the Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment international Education exam centers.

    • Pearson Edexcel qualification Certification

      Edexcel plays a signficant role in British education industry. It closely works with British educational policy makers. Edexcel is devoted in educational research and development, which strongly supports the formulation of Bristish educaional policy.

    • Cambridge Assessment International Examination Qualification Certificaton

      Cambridge Assessment International Examinations, known as CAIE, is one of the main international educational qualificiation assessment authorities. It is a renowned subdivision of University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES).