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    Students will be allocated to different programmes based on their entrance exam results.

    One-Year International Education Programme includes the following compulsory subjects: Maths, English, PE, at least one Science subject and university application tuition.This programme is fast paced and students have to prepare for public exams from the beginning of the academic year until the following May, so there are fewer extra curricula activities for students to participate in. Students participating in this programme must have a solid foundation to cope well with all international suject studies. Therefore, not all students are able to take this programme. According to the students' entrance exam results, students may change from the one-year programme to a two-year programme, but they cannot  do it the other way round. 

    The A-level curriculum is known as 'General Certificate of Education Advanced Level', which is designed for two years' study. Maths and English are compulsory subjects. Students are allowed to choose three subjects among Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Business Studies, Literature, Drama, Accounting and Economics. A-level Certificates are recognised and rated highly worldwide. Some American universities reward maximum one-year credits to the students with excellent A-level grades.