ECA and Creative Camps

Model United Nations

Hongwen students participate in Princeton MUN and Harvard MUN competitions in March every year. Students attend the competitions as delegations of diplomatic representatives and discuss international affairs through a variety of forms, such as public speaking in English, debate, group discussions etc. These activities significantly broaden students’ horizons and improve their collaboration and communication skills. In addition, Hongwen students organise and participate in Business competitions, allowing students to experience actual business conferences, do research to make business plans as well as conduct interviews that simulate real-world business practice. They also go abroad to visit successful companies and learn different ways to operate businesses.


UCAS Club guides students to apply to universities step by step. Students will start with doing research on universities and majors so they can make suitable plans for their subject choices and application process with university councilors’ guidance. Our professional councilors are well-trained and have helped many students to succeed with their university applications.

Sailing Club

Hongwen Sailing Club was established in 2016 and Song Kun, who sailed around the world, is the instructor of the club.

Equestrian Club

Equestrian Club is one the Six Arts subjects.

Business Simulation

All students who are interested in Business can participate in Business Simulation Competitions. As a competition venue of ASDAN Business Simulation,Hongwen School Qingdao provides great opportunities for Business scholars.

Art Course

Art Course designs excellent curricula for art students to challenge prestigious universities worldwide.

Confucius Club

Confucius Club provides students with Chinese Culture education and appreciation.


Football Team 足球校队     

Pingpong 乒乓球

Basketball Team 篮球校队         

Basketball 篮球活动

Golf 高尔夫球      

Archery 射箭        

Tennis 网球

Hip-hop Dance 街舞(男女统收)   

Kick Boxing 自由搏击         

Drama 戏剧  


Music Band 乐团         

News Club新闻社


MUN 1模拟联合国

Duke of Edinburgh 爱丁堡公爵项目

Jazz Dance 爵士街舞(限女生)

Dungeons and Dragons 冒险桌游           

Illustration Design 插画设计

TV Drama 影视赏析    

Mind Map 思维导图           

Board Games Club 桌游俱乐部  

Guitar 吉他

Yoga 瑜伽     

Darts 飞镖           

Choir 合唱团

Pool 台球             

Speech Club 讲演社团

Science Documentary Club 科学纪录片

British Biology Olympiad 英国生物奥林匹亚 (仅限G2/L6)             

Korean 韩语  

Maths Committee ECA 数学俱乐部

BE Elite 精英商务(仅限AS)

Yousheng 友声社

Spanish 西班牙语

Japanese 日语             

Maths Support 数学辅导

Further Maths Support L6高等数学辅导   

Card Games 纸牌游戏

Embroidery Club 刺绣手工社团        

Psychological Studying Group 心理学习小组

Upper Shool IG English Support 高年级IG英语辅导            

Physics Support 物理辅导   

Chemistry Support 化学辅导

Biology Support 生物辅导  

Accounting Support 会计辅导

Art Support  艺术辅导

Business Support 商务辅导

Economics Support 经济辅导