Campus Life

Seven compulsory subjects-------Mathematics, English, Physical Educatrion, Chinese, and three optional subjects among Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, Business and Art.

University Application, Drama, Art, PE, History, IELTS, TOEFL and Global Perspectives

International Six Arts Subjects (select five to six subjects)----Chinese Culture, Debate, Model United Nations (MUN), MINIMBA, Model Court, Olympiad Mathematics,  Basketball, Football, Pingpong, Badminton, Swimming, Sailing, Equestrian, Chinese Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Music, Literature, Musical Instruments, Band, Movie Appreciation, American History etc.

G1 students are exposed to a wide range of subjects to help students discover their strengths and interests, which helps them to choose the most suitable subjects for their G2 year. Additionally, these subjects enable students to develop their language proficiency and overall ability to learn all subjects.

The A-level curriculum is known as 'General Certificate of Education Advanced Level', which is designed for two years' study. Mathematics and English are compulsory subjects. Students are allowed to choose three subjects among Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Business Studies, Literature, Drama, Accounting and Economics. A-level Certificates are recognised and highly rated worldwide. Some American universities reward maximum one-year credits to students with excellent A-level grades.。

We are proud of our students’ academic achievements. Our aim is to cultivate and educate well-rounded students and Hongwen School is renowned for its academic prowess, which has ensured our great reputation among all international schools in Shandong Province. Hongwen graduates have attained excellent results in the CAIE and Edexcel public exams.