In line with the Primary Goals of Hongwen School Qingdao Campus, where we facilitate the realisation of the full academic potential within each and every student, and are committed to the formation of young men and women of outstanding virtue, leaders of integrity and individuals of quality – the University Counselling Office of Hongwen School Qingdao Campus are a team of specialised individuals who are committed to supporting and guiding your son or daughter during their time as an Upper Sixth student at our school, into the future University or School or their choice.

The University Counselling Office is comprised of a team of highly-trained and experienced Chinese and International staff who have been tried and tested in their commitment to supporting all students in securing a place at a university and allowing your son or daughter to achieve excellence in their chosen subject area(s).

As is the case with all members of the HWSQD Faculty and Staff, the University Counselling team demonstrate and maintain the highest standards in professional education and training to ensure that your son or daughter receives up-to-date, accurate and timely information, support and guidance regarding their personalised university application process.

As a department, whose exclusive focus is University Counselling, the University Counselling office staff are able of dedicating all their time and efforts to securing your son or daughter a place at the best university possible. This allows the team to provide high quality customer service to both students and parents, providing support and guidance at any time that is needed, close monitoring of academic standards and their application progress, and a high number of other functions specific to the needs of your son or daughter.

The document outlines the support and guidance that is provided to all students during their time at Hongwen School Qingdao Campus to allow your son or daughter to achieve their fullest potential by securing a place in a top-level university of their choice.